Joshua Scigala, CEO Vaultoro

We were looking for the right person to fill the Business development role at Vaultoro. Our needs were very specific, and after tons of ads in different job posting services and billions of annoying recruiters we still couldn’t find the right person.

In the end, we were at a party, and a friend of a friend introduced us to Ana who had everything we were looking for!

You have to open yourself up to the possibility and you should keep your eyes open and not just lock your options into one channel and you’ll find exactly what or who you are looking for.


Charles Hoskinson, CEO IOHK

Chance meetings are actually what got me started in the cryptocurrency space. I released a free course on Udemy years ago called ‘Bitcoin’ or ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto’. And many of my students actually ended up becoming dear friends from Brian Goss to Nikos Bentenitis (who's the COO of IOHK now).

I think the key to success is putting yourself in situations where you have the opportunity to meet new people with different perspectives and opinions.

And then having the courage to have an open mind. With Bitcoin, I've met thousands of people and been to over 30 countries since entering the field. They all have added a tremendous amount of color and richness to my career and outlook.


Addy Crezee, Events Director Cointelegraph

The meeting that changed my life is the interview for Cointelegraph. I was looking for a Product Manager position, but was invited to the CMO position interview and decided to try. One and a half year later I started my own Blockchain investments startup.

One more example is my meeting at investment conference in Helsinki, May 2016. I met a Microsoft company representative and in the end offered them to hold the first blockchain conference in Scandinavia.

One meeting can make a difference. You just have to embrace yourself and not be afraid to open your mind up to something new.


Charlie Shrem, Founder BitcoinFoundation

I can share a story of how I met my business partner Gareth Nelson who was a co-founder at Bitinstant. We have met on bitcointalk forum one day and he said: I have this great idea, why don’t we do something to make it easier for people to buy bitcoin, and that’s where we came up with the idea of Bitinstant. I’ve met my fiancé at the bitcoin stack in the night club in NY city. If you are doing a business, it is always important to make sure that you and the other person match good, because then the things cannot go wrong



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