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Ghana is a west African country with an area of 239,500 square kilometers and a population of 28 million people. Ghana has one of the fastest growing economies in the word. Ghana has a rich resource base that includes petroleum and precious metals, plus a developed industrial sector that produces automobiles and electronics. The Ghanaian economy, if properly improved in property rights and market transparency, could become the strongest in Africa. There is no certainty about the position of Bitcoin in Ghana. Ghana has no Bitcoin regulation; however, trading Bitcoin is not legal, as it is yet to be recognized as a form of currency. All mediums of exchange in Ghana should be approved by the Bank of Ghana and Bitcoin’s status is under consideration. The central bank of Ghana issued Bitcoin-related warnings which cautioned the public on the use of it and related risks.
Viele Anleger haben auch im Seuchenjahr 2022 in Kryptowährungen investiert und wollen dies im kommenden Jahr wieder tun.
Umfrage: 40 Prozent der Anleger wollen auch 2023 wieder Krypto kaufen
Helen Partz
Ghana will schon bald mit der Testphase für die erste afrikanische Zentralbank-Digitalwährung beginnen
Ghana will mit Afrikas erster Zentralbank-Digitalwährung in Testphase übergehen
Osato Avan-Nomayo
Ghana erforscht digitale Zentralbankwährung: E-Cedi in naher Zukunft möglich.
Ghana: Zentralbank erforscht digitale Nationalwährung
Helen Partz

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