Nachrichten über VeChain

Launched in 2018, VeChain is an enterprise blockchain solution designed to bring accountability, efficiency and transparency to operations. Originally a fork of the Ethereum codebase, VeChain is focused on enterprise use cases with an emphasis on the Internet of Things and supply chains for secure product lifecycle management. 

Core properties of the VeChain protocol include Thor, the core blockchain used for transactions, account management and smart contract development; VeChain IDs, digital identities affixed to goods in the corporate supply chain that allow physical tracking via NFC and RFID chips as well as QR codes; proof-of-authority consensus through Know Your Customer-verified nodes chosen by the VeChain Foundation; and its two network tokens — VET, the main currency used for payments and voting, and VeThor (VTHO), a token issued daily to VET holders used to run smart contracts on the Thor blockchain.

VeChain has been actively pursuing strategic partnerships with enterprise clients, including one with a China-based subsidiary of Walmart for its blockchain-based food tracking efforts. 

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