Jeffrey Albus

Jeffrey is a news editor and journalist at Cointelegraph. He became a Bitcoin miner in 2011, and has been working professionally in the Blockchain space ever since. During his time in the community, he has worked as a technical writer, marketing lead, product developer, graphic designer, and front-end engineer for various cryptocurrency companies. Before discovering Blockchain, Jeffrey worked as a special effects animator for film and television. He is most passionate about discovering ways Blockchain and other distributed technologies can intersect with the arts & humanities.

Artikel des Autors

Der Ethereum Mitgründer Vitalik Buterin spricht sich dafü aus, dass nach dem ETH 2.0 Update ausrangierte Mining-Hardware sinnvoll genutzt wird.
Nach ETH 2.0 – Veraltete Mining-Hardware sollte für Zero-Knowledge-Proofs genutzt werden
Jeffrey Albus

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