Or Lokay Cohen

Or Lokay Cohen is a vice president at Bittax, a crypto tax calculation platform. Or has 10 years’ experience with regulation, managing a leading tax consultant firm. She holds a LL.M. law degree, a B.A. in communications and an M.A. in management and public policy. In her work at Bittax, Or promotes the goal of bridging between cryptocurrency to the taxation reality to enable tax reporting under a clear regulatory framework and specific identification methods.

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Die neuseeländische Regierung hat ein Gesetzt eingeführt, der in Krypto gezahlte Gehälter und Boni unter die "Pay-as-you-earn-Steuer" fasst. Aber was bedeutet d...
Neuseeland regelt Krypto-Gehälter – wurden die Gebete erhört?
Or Lokay Cohen

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