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BitAccess is a technology company developing and providing software services for fintech businesses. The company has four main directions of development, such as building Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs), the Buy Bitcoin Canada cryptocurrency exchange platform, the Faast application for cryptocurrency trading and managing and the product Catena for blockchain implementation in business. BitAccess Inc., was founded by Haseeb Awan, Moe Adham and Vignesh Sundaresan in 2013. Currently, the main office of BitAccess is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. BitAccess ATMs have one of the leading positions among such machines all over the world. There was no BitAccess ICO, since it doesn’t have any coins. Nevertheless, in 2014, some investments were made in the company. The BitAccess fee for using a BTM depends on the amount of money withdrawn.
Kanadas staatlich gefördertes Forschungsprogramm IRAP besitzt nun einen eigenen IPFS-basierten Blockchain-Explorer.
Kanada: Staatliches Forschungsprogramm IRAP nimmt Blockchain-Explorer auf
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