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GoCoin Payment Gateway is an international payment processing platform offering a payment gateway consisting of customers’ APIs that are open for integration into businesses, retail and online merchants so they can accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin as payment methods. The first release of the software was announced in 2013 and currently the main office of the company is headquartered in Singapore. GoCoin has only a one percent fee for transactions. Also, GoCoin is a written in Go language (golang) solution for Bitcoin that includes an online client, server software that is running all the time, an offline wallet application, a blockchain downloader for optimization of the initial download of the blockchain and other tools.
Das von Zahlungsdienstleistern umgesetzte Bitcoin-Volumen ist von einem Höchststand von 411 Millionen Dollar im September 2017 auf ein Tief von 60 Millionen Dol...
Bericht: Verwendung von Bitcoin im Handel fällt von 411 Mio. US-Dollar 2017 auf 60 Mio im Mai 2018
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