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Boost VC is an IT investment company that focuses on blockchain and virtual reality startup funding. Boost VC was founded by Adam Draper and Brayton Williams in 2012. The current headquarters of Boost VC is in the San Francisco Bay Area in Silicon Valley. There is a strong belief among the team at Boost VC that blockchain is a major tech breakthrough and blockchain-based developments may greatly influence the world. The main idea behind Boost VC’s investment policies is to find the most promising high-tech startup projects that will drive the world closer to a sci-fi-type future. Boost VC makes both ICO investments and classic venture capital investments. Specific and successful policies of the company have been widely covered in the media and have gathered many positive reviews from major specialists in the field. One can find a profile of Boost VC in Bloomberg, CrunchBase and in reviews of major people in the VR industry.
Nach einer Seed-Runde im Umfang von 730.000 US-Dollar in 2018 konnte Unstoppable Domains nun 4 Millionen US-Dollar für seine Idee dezentraler Webseiten einnehme...
Blockchain-Unternehmen bekommt 4 Mio-Dollar Finanzspritze von Draper VC Fund für unzensierbare Domains
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