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Christmas is one of the main Christian events that symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas Bitcoin news is about the predictions of Bitcoin price before Christmas, new related startups or even hacking attacks during the celebration. As cryptocurrency have entered the physical world as well, more and more people prefer using digital money and holding them in virtual wallets in order to have access all over the world, without any extra fees for withdrawals or commissions for transactions. Christmas is a great event for giving and receiving presents and our Christmas Bitcoin news is full of great ideas for gifts — such as Bitcoin gift cards — for dedicated cryptocurrency users or other goods, with detailed information and prices in BTC.
Aavegotchi schickte dem Krypto-Nutzer Spenden aus über 200 Einzahlungen, nachdem er versehentlich 50.000 US-Dollar verlor.
"Weihnachtszauber": Chainlink-Nutzer erhält 11.000 US-Dollar in Spenden nach Fehler
Turner Wright
Neujahr Spezial
Hier sind ein paar Webseiten, die Ihnen dabei helfen können, Last-Minute Geschenke via Krypto zu kaufen.
Weihnachtseinkäufe: Wo können Sie Ihre Geschenke mit Krypto kaufen?
Shiraz Jagati

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