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Coinify ApS is a Blockchain-based platform that allows trading and payment processing solutions. Coinify was founded by Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer, Kris Henriksen, Lasse Olesen and Mark Hojgard in 2014. The main office of the Coinify Bitcoin platform is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is possible with Coinify to sell and buy Bitcoin or accept blockchain payments. Currently, the platform is the largest among similar projects in Europe. On the official site, there is actual information provided by Coinify on Bitcoin's price and a list of partners that offer exchange and storing services. According to the official website of Coinify, individual traders can buy and sell blockchain currencies, corporate clients can broker their funds and merchants can accept crypto payments in 15 various currencies, including receiving payouts in fiat.
Der erste regulierte Stablecoin in der Schweiz wird nun im E-Commerce verwendet.
Schweiz: Top-Onlinehandel macht Transaktion mit digitalem Franken
Helen Partz
Das von Zahlungsdienstleistern umgesetzte Bitcoin-Volumen ist von einem Höchststand von 411 Millionen Dollar im September 2017 auf ein Tief von 60 Millionen Dol...
Bericht: Verwendung von Bitcoin im Handel fällt von 411 Mio. US-Dollar 2017 auf 60 Mio im Mai 2018
Helen Partz

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