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Citigroup is an American transnational financial services corporation established in 1812 and headquartered in New York. Citigroup is the fourth largest of the American banks and a systematically important bank for the U.S. and world economy. Citigroup’s revenue is currently more than $71.5 billion. Citibank is a part of Citigroup that specializes on consumer financial services. Some major Citibank branches are the American and Mexican branches, but Citi also has its branches in Russia, India, the UAE and some other countries. Citigroup’s blockchain research and development were some of the first in the banking and financial services sector. Citi and Nasdaq announced an agreement that implemented blockchain in global banking in May 2017. This agreement authorizes Citi to transfer funds into Nasdaq’s blockchain platform that is used for buying and selling shares of private companies.
Das klingt unwahrscheinlich, aber das wäre sogar noch die "schwächste" größere Rallye bisher.
Citibank-Analyst prognostiziert: Bitcoin bis Dezember 2021 bei 318.000 US-Dollar
Jack Martin
IBM, Citibank und der Videospielriese Ubisoft sind dem Blockchain-Beschleuniger Tribe Accelerator aus Singapur beigetreten.
IBM und Citibank treten Blockchain-Beschleuniger bei
Adrian Zmudzinski
Die Open-Source-Initiative Hyperledger hat 12 neue Mitglieder bekannt gegeben, darunter Alibaba Cloud, Citi und die Deutsche Telekom.
Hyperledger bekommt 12 neue Mitglieder, darunter Alibaba Cloud, Deutsche Telekom und Citi
Ana Alexandre

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