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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service designed for application creation and management through Microsoft data centers and was released in 2010. Azure has more than 600 services for virtual machines, websites, mobile services, data management, messaging and many others. Azure also enables working with machine learning,the internet of things (IoT), identity verification and content delivery networks. Azure requires users only to pay for consumed resources and has multi-threaded structure calculations. Microsoft Azure is considered to be the fastest cloud computing platform by various companies that have tested its efficiency. Many programming languages like Java, Ruby, Node.js, Python, Oracle and others are supported by Azure from Microsoft. The Microsoft Azure Portal is available for mobile platforms, with the Microsoft Azure application both for Android and iOS.
Microsoft Taiwan geht Partnerschaft mit zwei weiteren Firmen ein, um eine Unternehmensplattform für Blockchain Entwicklungen zu schaffen.
Microsoft Taiwan gründet mit Partnern Blockchain-Plattform für Unternehmen
Helen Partz
Maersk hat begonnen, die Insurwave-Blockchain-Plattform für Seeversicherung zu nutzen. Die Grundlage dafür bildet die Microsoft Azure digitale Ledger-Technologi...
Logistik-Riese Maersk nutzt nun Blockchain-Plattform für Seeversicherung
Molly Jane Zuckerman

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